About Us

 Jamie Courville (Director, Producer, Editor) and Chris Reynolds (Co-Director, Producer, Cinematographer) are a husband and wife team that has been collaborating creatively since they first met on a film set in Dallas in 2000, she a Script Supervisor and he a Camera Assistant.  They soon moved to New York, moving up from below-the-line crew positions on set to work as DP/Operator and Editor. They have worked together on features, shorts, documentaries, and video art.

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Jamie’s career has included sassily doing continuity for Muppets, editing video art, working in post for documentary and narrative, and founding a video collective.  Much of her recent work has centered around audio and storytelling through sound, particularly voices that would not otherwise be heard.  She created the audio portrait series “Squirrels Stories” to start a conversation about living with cancer, and other projects have addressed Alzheimer's, incarceration, and international adoption.  Jamie consults and presents workshops on storytelling and interviewing, helping people to find their own voice.  She frequently partners with the Brooklyn Public Library, presenting on such topics as audio recording for oral historians, interviewing tips and shot composition for beginning filmmakers, and conversations with film crew members about how movies get made. Other recent collaborations include The Metropolitan New York Library Council and the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.

Jamie’s work tends to focus on unheard voices and underserved communities.  She likes working with organizations that bring access to groups that might not otherwise be part of the documentary conversation.  She has particularly enjoyed collaborating with the Brooklyn Public Library, finding a common goal of bringing information freely to all members of the community.  She hopes her work will help in some way to level the field for all people, whether speaking in their own voices or recording the voices of others.

Chris’s recent work has explored creative opportunities working in studio film production.  As a Camera Operator he extends his own unique photographic sense of composition and balance to the larger collaboration and coordinating the complex machinery of a motion picture film set.  His work can be seen in such acclaimed projects such as SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, “Orange Is the New Black”, Chris Rock’s TOP FIVE, and Marvel’s “Jessica Jones”.  He is excited by the opportunities that documentary DP work presents for capturing the lucky accidents and honest reactions that are possible when there is no script.